It's like television but it's all about me

meTV scans your computer (or any storage device) for images and builds them into a slideshow in PDF format. The slideshow includes a caption for each image.

meTV generates captions using information embedded in the image and the names of the folders and image files. meTV is designed to handle very large collections of images. It runs on Windows PCs.

Click here or on the image below to download meTV as a self-contained package (147MB .zip file).

How to Create a Slideshow

Once the download has completed, do the following:
- Extract the .zip file to a hard disk or USB drive. Make sure it has plenty of free space (6GB or more);
- Navigate to the folder in File Explorer;
- Click on the file called click_me_meTV.bat;
- Check the auto-detected display resolution and display size matches the monitor on which you would like to view your images;
- Click the Choose Folder button and select the folder that contains your images (choose c:\ to scan your entire hard disk). Note that the default is the user's standard Windows Pictures folder;
- Click Build;
- Wait for the build to complete (this can take hours for large collections of pictures). When the build has completed meTV will move the PDF files containing the images and captions to your desktop;

How to View the Slideshow

Once the slideshow build has completed:
- Open Slideshow001.pdf (or any of the SlideshowXYZ.pdf files) from your Windows desktop in Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader might ask you whether you are willing to allow it to go into full screen mode. Choose Yes.
- The slideshow will automatically advance every 30 seconds. You can control the slideshow as follows:
- Click anywhere in the top 3/4 of the page to view the caption for the image. Click on the caption to return to the image.
- Click in the bottom-right corner of the page to advance to the next image (or press the page down, down arrow or right arrow key).
- Click in the bottom-left corner of the page to return to the previous image (or press the page down, down arrow or right arrow key).
- Press Esc to exit full screen and Alt-F4 to quit Adobe Reader.

The Code

You can view the meTV code in Github by clicking here. This site also has a wiki containing information about meTV.

meTV is open-source software, licensed under the highly permissive two-clause BSD license.

Questions & comments: mail|at|metv(dot)org(dot)uk

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- Page last updated 15 April 2018 -